Thin Lips


Thin Lips

The size and shape of your lips is entirely unique to you. The mouth is one of the most centric features of the face and is used not only to express ourselves and communicate, but also to eat, smile and kiss.

Therefore, we like to keep our lips in great form as they can also be considered one of our most attractive features.

Thin Lips in more detail

Some people are born with thinner lips and this is largely due to their genetics. However, when you notice thinning of your lips, it is most likely due to the ageing process.
As we age, the skin loses collagen and elastin and its structure weakens. This intrinsic process combined with sun exposure causes thinning of the lips due to the lack of necessary hydration and natural plumpness.

This process can be accelerated by poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking. These factors contribute to the breakdown of substances that help keep lips soft and fuller. As a result, this sensual feature loses its natural volume and elasticity. Fuller lips are often considered to represent a desirable appearance, helping to enhance the overall contours of the face.

The most common causes of thin lips are; Ageing, sun exposure, poor lifestyle habits like smoking, genetics and lack of hydration
There are many treatment options to increase lip volume and replace lost moisture. Through the use of dermal fillers, lips will become fuller and shape can be improved, as well as defining the cupids bow, contouring and creating a more desirable appearance for the lower face.


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