Stubborn / Excess Fat


Stubborn / Excess Fat

Stubborn or excess fat can affect us all, anywhere on the body. The term stubborn or excess fat refers to the subcutaneous fat that is difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone.

Subcutaneous fat sits just beneath the skin and is typically ‘pinchable’ up to a couple of inches and will accumulate in localised areas of the face and body such as; under the chin (submental), on the abdomen, thighs, knees, arms, stomach , hips and back.


Stubborn / Excess Fat in more detail

The cause of these stubborn pockets of fat are variable from person to person, with genetics, hormones, age, lifestyle and gender all playing their role in being a contributing factor of excess fat.
Generally speaking, women are more predisposed to localised fat pockets than men as they have a higher percentage of body fat that differs in its distribution. 

When excess fat pockets are particularly difficult to shift despite a healthy, active lifestyle, there may be underlying hormone imbalance that is causing the issue. In particular, the stress hormone – Cortisol – can encourage the body to hold on to fat where ordinarily it would be ‘burned off’ as energy. If you are looking to address unwanted stubborn fat, then we have a number of treatment options available, such as; fat dissolving injections or Coolsculpting (fat freezing), both of which are effective solutions for fat reduction on the face (double chin) or body. 


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