Facial Volume Loss


Facial Volume Loss

A loss of facial volume can cause you to appear older than your years, particularly when you lose volume in the cheeks and structure around the jawline.

When we lose volume in our face and our cheeks become gaunt, we not only start to look older, but can also appear drained and tired.

Facial Volume Loss in more detail

The main reason you may experience facial volume loss is because the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin begins to deplete. These naturally occurring proteins do an incredible job at keeping our appearance youthful, ensuring the skin maintains its plump, firm structure. The collagen in our skin is typically known to keep the skin voluminous and the elastic gives it its ability to ‘bounce back’.

Once these depreciate, the skin may begin to sag. Lifestyle and environmental factors will also have an impact on the condition of the skin as these can accelerate the ageing process, which in turn affects facial volume. Smoking and Sun exposure in particular are contributors. Smoking causes decreased blood flow to the skin and the toxins with cigarettes along with nicotine can reduce the production of collagen. With sun exposure, the UV rays emitted by the sun can cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin. 

Through a combination of genetics and lifestyle, it is common that the ageing process can lead to a loss of facial volume. 


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